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Our Mission: To provide a virtual gathering place for the intelligent folks who understand the merits of growing, buying and eating organically grown produce. And to provide a convenient front door to a virtual mall of growers and vendors of organic produce and other merchandise that is produced with responsible stewardship of the Earth in mind.

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Treat yourself, your family and your friends to the tastiest groceries on earth by shopping at one of the online groceries listed below.

Vendors, grocers and vineyards, if you would like your site listed on the Mall, you can request a listing and link on the related pages. Advertising rates are as low as $25 per year.

Clubs can also request a free link on the clubs page.

Farmers, if you would like your farm featured on the Organic Farms Page, please send email to including a brief note about your farm, contact info, address info and your URL if you would like the mall to link to your site.There is no charge for farm listings.

We are also looking for recipes so submit your favorite if you so desire. Got a tip that you want to share? Send it in. If you want your email address listed with it, we will be happy to list that also.

Organic Groceries

Barry Farm
Barry Farm
"Farm-canned" products, gift baskets, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, salsas and other goodies.
Bill and Linda Barry, Owners
20086 Mudsock Road, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

Country Sun Natural Foods
Bringing the Wisdom of 30 years in natural foods and vitamins to your online experience

Living Tree Community
Living Tree Community Foods
Organic almond butter, almonds and dried fruit
Supporting Family Farmers

P.O.Box 10082, Berkeley,CA 94709
Phone: 800-260-5534 - Fax: 510-526-9516

Pepper Joe
No Pesticides - No Chemicals

Tail Wagging Bakery, Inc
Certified Organic Dog Treats

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